Baudelaire Song Project
Prof. Helen Abbott

Project Director (PI)
Specialist in nineteenth-century French poetry and music, University of Birmingham

Baudelaire Song Project
Dr Mylène Dubiau

Assistant Director (Co-I)
Expert in links between musical discourse and poetics of texts in performance, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

Baudelaire Song Project
Dr Nina Rolland

Research Associate
Developer of the interdisciplinary dataset and song analysis techniques

Our lead team comprises Prof. Helen Abbott and Dr Mylène Dubiau (co-Directors), with Senior Research Associate Dr Caroline Ardrey (formerly RA) and Research Associate Dr Nina Rolland (since September 2017). The main team is based at the University of Birmingham (UK), in the School of Languages, Cultures, Art History, and Music.

During 2017 we also welcomed Dr Caroline Potter to the senior team as a consultant specialist in French music since Debussy.

The digital framework for the project is devised and maintained by the Digital Humanities Institute at the University of Sheffield, under Digital Director Michael Pidd with Digital Humanities Developer Jamie McLaughlin.

Our project Advisory Board comprises leading researchers and practioners in the fields of words and music, song, and translation. We also collaborate with a group of Project Associates.