Our new model for analysing song uses a range of innovative digital markup techniques via Sonic Visualiser and Audacity. When a set of songs have been analysed, we release the data tables in Excel format. We welcome comments, and invite others to test the data model against the same songs (to see if results are confirmed or change) and against other groups of songs that we have not yet had the chance to analyse. Please contact us for more information about how to apply the data model.

The first set of data tables released in summer 2017 are for settings of Baudelaire by:

Maurice Rollinat
Gustave Charpentier
Alexander Gretchaninov
Louis Vierne
Alban Berg

These settings relate to a new Baudelaire in Song book published by Oxford University Press, 1 November 2017.

Schematic analysis tables released autumn 2017 for settings of ‘Litanies of Satan’ in French/English by four extreme / death / black / thrash metal bands:

Theatre des Vampires (‘Litanies de Satan’)
Rotting Christ (‘Litanies de Satan’)
Ancient Rites (‘Exile’ / ‘Litanies de Satan’ in English)
Necromantia (‘Litanies de Satan’ in English)

+ summary analysis of settings of ‘Litanies de Satan’ in other languages by three black metal bands:

Gogoroth (in Norwegian)
Black Obelisk (in Russian)
Transmetal (in Spanish)

These settings relate to an article in preparation for a special issue of L’Esprit Créateur to mark 150 years since Baudelaire’s death.

Coming soon:

Nawel & Lilabox