2017 is proving to be busy year, with a number of research events for all the Baudelaire Song Project Team. From keynote lectures to round tables to Baudelaire song festivals, here’s a run-down of where you can hear more about the Project and about our research for the rest of the academic year:

28 February 2017

Oxford Music Faculty Research Colloquium
“Researching Songs Digitally: The Baudelaire Song Project”

Professor Helen Abbott discusses using digital tools for researching song.

10 April 2017

Société des dix-neuviémistes 15th annual conference, The University of Kent
“Spleen, idéal & extase langoureuse: femininity, melancholy and performance in the forgotten songs of Fidès Devriès”

Dr Caroline Ardrey explores the forgotten Baudelaire settings of nineteenth-century opera singer and composer Fidès Devriès.

12 April 2017

Société des dix-neuviémistes 15th annual conference, The University of Kent
Baudelaire round table session “Other People’s Baudelaire: extreme metal settings of ‘Litanies de Satan”

Professor Helen Abbott and Dr Caroline Ardrey join with a team of Baudelaire scholars for a round table on Baudelaire and other people, chaired by Dr Maria Scott. We’ll be talking about the surprising fascination with Baudelaire in extreme metal music.

28 June – 1 July 2017

9th Annual European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC 2017)
Cinq poèmes de Debussy: Baudelaire in performance

Dr Mylène Dubiau talks about new ways of analysing word and music interactions in performance.

3 -5 July 2017

The Society for French Studies, 58th Annual Conference
“Digital Baudelaire: analytical discourses of translation, adaptation, word/music intersections”

Professor Helen Abbott talks about digital word and music analysis, and analysing Baudelaire when shifts in language and media are brought into play.

5-12 August 2017

Rencontres Lyriques de Luchon : Festival d’Art Lyrique
Charles Baudelaire

In honour of the 150th anniversary of Baudelaire’s death, the Rencontres Lyriques de Luchon festival is celebrating sung performances of his poetry, including a world première of Lionel Ginoux’s  Les melodies lourdes with Sylvia Cazeneuve (soprano) and Caroline Oliveros (piano).

16 – 26 August 2017

Master classes d’interprétation Académie Francis Poulenc
“Baudelaire en musique”

Presenting both famous and lesser-known song settings of Baudelaire’s poetry, for 2017 the Académie Francis Poulenc is taking the 150th anniversary of the poet’s death as an opportunity to celebrate the diverse range of classical song settings of his work. The week-long programme of events includes performances by award-winning singers and accompanists, and will see the world-première of a number of new Baudelaire settings commissioned specially for 2017.

7 – 9 September 2017

Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF) conference
A Baudelaire Playlist (conference keynote)

Professor Helen Abbott explores Baudelaire in song, in her keynote lecture at the annual ASMCF conference at Bangor University.

These are just some of the events lined up this year and there are more in the pipeline – keep checking back and follow us on twitter (@baudelaireproj) for updates to our schedule in 2017.